Sunlite Sports

Swim Belt 6 Piece Brick Float

  • ADJUSTABLE STRAP - Fits waist sizes from 27” - 53”. The intuitive buckle design also makes it easy to put on and take off. This easy-to-wear design makes you feel lightweight and free.
  • ULTRA BUOYANT - With its dense but light EVA Foam and 6 bricks, it offers the perfect buoyancy for your water workout.
  • GREAT EXERCISE AID - The Floatation Belt provides you with buoyancy to keep you floating. It is great for cross-training, rehabilitative water exercises, and water-jogging/walking.
  • HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL - Made of premium EVA compressed foam, the Sunlite Sports Aqua Fitness Waist Belt is built with remarkable durability. It also offers your skin maximum comfort.
  • LOW-IMPACT WORKOUT - Exercising in the water gives your body less impact than traditional land exercise. The water helps alleviate stress and pressure on your joints, therefore preventing injuries.

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