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Kids Pool Back Float - Doggie

  • 🏝️PERFECT FOR BEGINNERS - With its cute design and great buoyancy support, the Doggie Back Float is perfect for beginner swimmers. Help your child learn how to swim with style and ease! IT IS SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN UP TO 60 POUNDS.
  • 🌈ADJUSTABLE STRAPS/PERFECT FIT - The Doggie Back Float comes with an adjustable strap - tighten or loosen the strap around your child for the perfect fit.
  • 🙌COMFORTABLE AND NON-RESTRICTIVE - The Doggie Back Float was designed with comfort in mind. Along with having the perfect fit, the Back Float will not restrict any swimming movements and gives your child the ultimate range of motion.
  • 💦ULTRA BUOYANT DESIGN - Built with 4 layers of EVA Foam, the Doggie Back Float is very buoyant, allowing it to support the full weight of your child (Up to 60 Pounds). Give your child the confidence to swim without worrying about sinking!
  • 🌟PREMIUM CHLORINE RESISTANT EVA FOAM - The Back Float is made with premium EVA Foam material and built with exquisite craftsmanship. Its quality build is chlorine resistant and long lasting.

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