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Aqua Fitness Complete Set With Training Manual

  • ALL-IN-ONE COMBO SET- This combo set has all the essential tools you need for aquatic exercise. It includes 2 high-density EVA foam water weights, 1 swimming belt, 2 swimming gloves, and 1 graphic exercise manual.
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL - The water weights are constructed of high-density EVA foam that provides greater resistance and better workout results. It is extremely durable and helps you build muscle endurance. The Fabric Swimming belt provides buoyancy support and provides floating assistance when you are in the water. 
  • EXERCISE MANUAL – A colorful graphic exercise manual, written by a former Olympic swimmer, is included to provide you with detailed guidance on water workouts with the equipment included.
  • VERSATILE USE - Use this combo set in a variety of settings: Aquatic classes, water physical therapy, pool exercise, underwater fitness, water Zumba, water aerobics, and rehabilitation.
  • LOW-IMPACT WORKOUT - Exercising in the water gives your body less impact than traditional land exercise. The water helps alleviate stress and pressure on your joints, preventing injuries. This makes our combo set ideal for recovery training.

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