Sunlite Sports

Horse River Raft Inflatable 53 Inch

  • OUTDOOR FUN - Kick back on Billy the Bronco for the ultimate summer relaxation. Take a seat, enjoy the breeze, and relish the feeling of your feet dipping in the cold water. For recreational use only. This River Blazer has a 49 Inch diameter when inflated.
  • COLORFUL DESIGN - Billy features an eye-catching gorgeous design that allows you to stand out in the water.
  • FANTASTIC FEATURES – Billy comes with two heavy-duty grip handles to help you stay in the tube safely while embarking on a wild ride. The built-in drink holder is for you to conveniently keep your refreshment nearby. The grab rope can be used to anchor. The mesh bottom encourages air flow to keep your body cool. (Air pump not included)
  • COMFORTABLE HEADREST - Comes with a comfortable head and back rest so you can actually lounge, instead of straining your neck.
  • HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL - Made with durable PVC material, this river float is built to last. It is BPA-Free and does not have phthalates. Great for sensitive skin.

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