Sunlite Sports

Winter Wonderland 45" Foldable Snow Sled with Extra Padding

$32.99 $49.99
  • THE MOST UNIQUE SNOW SLED - The only snow sled that can be rolled up into a compact shape! Bring it to any location without worrying about taking up space. The snow sled can be rolled up to fit anywhere.
  • FIT TWO PEOPLE - The Ice Racer comes with two pairs of ergonomic grip handles, allowing two people to ride the sled together. The grip handles provide optimal control and steering.
  • ULTRA FAST - Featuring a state-of-the-art HDPE bottom coating, the bottom of the Ice Racer is ultra smooth and slick. Riding the sled gives a polished and gliding sensation.
  • COMFORTABLE GRIP HANDLES - The Ice Racer comes with two ergonomic grip handles, providing you optimal control and steering. The handles are molded to fit the shape of your hands.
  • FEET SLITS - With two built-in slits for your feet, the Ice Racer provides you ultimate control and balance for your sledding adventure.

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