Sunlite Sports

River Tube with Canopy

  • DETACHABLE CANOPY WITH SUN PROTECTION - Comes with a detachable canopy that is easy to assemble/disassemble. The high quality canopy is very secure when installed and not flimsy. The canopy material also contains a UPF 50 coating (similar to SPF 50), which blocks 99% of the sun’s UV rays - making it the ultimate water float for you.
  • ULTIMATE COMFORT - With a spacious 53 inch diameter, 320 lb max weight capacity, and a headrest, the River Blazer makes lounging on the water like relaxing on your couch.
  • LATEST AIR VALVE TECH - The valve has a double chamber that must be screwed clockwise to seal, completely preventing any air leaks from the valve. PLEASE NOTE: If air is leaking from your valve after inflation, please unscrew the valve cap and screw in again at a perfect 90 degree angle. It must be screwed in at the proper angle or else air will escape.
  • HIGH QUALITY THICK MATERIAL - Made with heavy duty PVC material, this river float is built to last. The PVC has an updated thickness and is puncture-resistant. It is BPA-Free and does not have phthalates.
  • FANTASTIC FEATURES – The River Blazer comes with two heavy-duty grip handles for maximum control. The built-in drink holder conveniently keeps your refreshment nearby. The grab rope can be used to anchor with other floats. The double stitched mesh bottom encourages air flow to keep your body cool. (Air pump not included)

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